The Cordova Center is a versatile facility that houses the Cordova Public Library, the Cordova Historical Society, municipal administrative offices, the North Star Theater, and various conference, meeting, and special event spaces that can be reserved by the public.


Additionally, the Cordova Center spaces available for reservation provide a valuable venue for public gatherings, community events, and educational programs. The Cordova Center truly serves as a gathering place for people from all walks of life, fostering connections and enriching the lives of those who call our town home.


Education Room

Accomodates up to 40 people

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North Star theater

Auditorium/theater for lectures, multi-media presentations and stage productions

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Commercial Kitchen

DEC approved kitchen equipped with ranges, counter/prep areas, sinks, commercial dish washer.

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Copper River Gallery

Monthly Rotating Exhibits
Local art and craftwork for sale

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Community Rooms (A&B)

The Cordova Center’s largest meeting room; Accomodates three configurations

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Project Room

Designed to accommodate 10-15 people; Ideal for a breakout space, demonstration, or a workshop.

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Mayor’s Conference Room

Boardroom layout spanning 233 square feet.

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The Atrium

The versatile layout of the atrium allows for customization to suit any event theme or style.

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