PArk projects

What is the Parks planning process.

Public input is critical to the success of the improvements made in a park as any things happen before a new park or park amenity can be open to the public. The planning process is dependent on whether the project is a new park or an upgrade to existing park amenities.​​

For new parks, the Park Development Process generally includes:

  • Needs assessment
  • Land acquision
  • Park planning
  • Funding
  • Detailed design
  • Construction
  • Park opening

For existing parks and park amenities, the park planning process generally includes:

  • Conduct site analysis
  • Public info session
  • Develop design alternatives
  • Public planning workshop
  • Develop draft master plan
  • Public hearing
  • Draft master plan ​refinements


Parks and recreation master Plan

In late 2023, the City of Cordova Parks and Recreation Department partnered with Alaska-based landscape architects Corvus Design Inc. to develop a 20-year Parks and Recreation Master Plan. The development of a master plan creates an exciting opportunity for the City to develop a strategy to build on our parks and recreation system and involve residents as we plan for the next 20 years.

The goal of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan is to create a user-friendly document that guides the development, delivery, and continuous improvement of recreation and parks programs, services, and facilities. The plan will also identifies priorities and strategies to meet community needs based on annual funding available for such services and facilities.

The resulting recommendations will allow the Parks and Recreation Department to ensure services are aligned with City and community priorities. It also ensures that service delivery methods are effective and efficient with the desired outcome of providing people with opportunities to be active, creative, and connected to each other and to nature through meaningful public parks and recreation services.

The objectives of the Master Plan process include:

• Providing short, intermediate, and long-range management and development plans for recreation, park and facility planning.
• Establishing priorities and recommendations for existing and future park and facility development, including types of parks, size of parks, timing of development, and developer-led allocation of park lands
• Developing a systematic plan that maximizes the park, recreation, trails and natural open space opportunities for Cordova residents.
• Identify the parks/property that are subject to disposal as surplus property.
• Identify parks/property that could be developed.
• Identify appropriate staffing needs to support park maintenance operations based on the Master Plan.
• Identify appropriate staffing needs to support recreation operations based on the Master Plan.
• All work to be completed in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.
• Knowledge of current and future trends recommended.



Do you LOVE Cordova? Share your ideas and help us shape the future of our facilities and programs!

The City of Cordova Parks and Recreation Department is currently in the process of updating its Parks and Recreation Master Plan. The Master Plan will look at the existing parks, recreational facilities, programs, and services and determine the current and future level of services for the community based on public input. The plan will prioritize the needs and desires for upgrading and improving parks, recreational facilities, amenities, programs, and services.

Join us at the Master Plan Public Workshop event and don’t miss this opportunity to share your ideas, needs and priorities for improvements!

Date: Thursday, February 22, 2024
Time: 6 – 7:30 p.m.
Location: Cordova Center, Community Room A&B, 601 First Street, Cordova

If you have any questions regarding the Master Plan update, or you are unable to attend and would like to share your feedback, please contact us via email at or call us at 907 424-6274.


Breakwater Park Concept Plan

Credit: Cathy Renfeldt.

What we are proposing

We are working on a site development plan for creating a new park for the area by the Breakwater Trail and Veterans Memorial.

The plan will help guide long-term improvements and future investment decisions for the area.

When we develop the plan, we will consider:

  • picnics, barbeques, and covered space
  • cultural heritage
  • improved walking and pathways
  • planting
  • parking
  • seating and signage
  • safety and security.

What we want your feedback on

We want to know:

  • if you use the area
  • what you do when you visit the area
  • what you enjoy about the area
  • what you want to see at the area.

Your feedback will help us design improvements for the area.


How you can have your say

View the Concept Plan

Consultation on the Concept Plan has now closed.   

Here are results on the Breakwater Park Concept Plan – Phase 1 survey results

Odiak Camper Park Redevelopment

Odiak Camper Park was developed in the early 1980s and currently includes up to 20 full-hookup RV sites, a restroom/shower building and 3 tent camping sites.  The camper park is in need of refurbishment and updating.  A recent condition assessment on the Restroom building indicated that it is at end-of-life. In essence, not much has changed since the site was first developed.

The camper park has traditionally been utilized by seasonal commercial fishermen and their families as well as tourists coming to town to visit Cordova.  

The City of Cordova engaged Corvus Design, Inc an Alaska-based landscape architecture firm to develop some initial Concept options for consideration. 

2024-01-05 Odiak Camper Park – Concepts

Cordova Parks & Recreation is seeking feedback about several elements of the expansion project, including:

walking trails that lead along Odiak Slough,
new public restrooms,
a design for improvements to the camping areas, and
the addition of a play area or in the open field near the central parking lot.