Senior Citizen Resources

This page is filled with information and links for older adults. If you click on the blue words, they will lead you to webpages with more information. You can magnify the text by pressing Ctrl + Plus on a PC, or Option + Cmd + Plus on a Mac.


  • Did you know falls are one of the primary causes of injury and death in older adults? Click here for information on how to prevent falls.
  • Do you know how to apply for Medicare or Medicaid? If you are 65 or older or have a disability, you can receive financial help from these programs.
  • Are you an older adult interested in finding a job? Call this office, which serves Cordova: (907)283-3133.
  • Need help with your taxes? The Senior Citizen Property Tax Exemption form can be found here
  • If you have a question and don’t know where to start, a good first contact is the Aging and Disability Resource Center. Our closest office is in Soldotna, but the folks there are very helpful and will be glad to assist you over the phone: (907)262-6333.
  • Need help with Internet access?  Is the cost prohibitive?  This benefit can help!
  • Telemedicine has grown rapidly since the COVID-19 pandemic. This means a Doctor will call you on the phone or video-chat with you over a computer about what’s bothering you. If your provider has scheduled you for a telemedical appointment, and you need help setting up your computer, call (907)424-7294.
  • Do you or a loved one need the help provided by an Assisted Living facility? While there are none in Cordova, or in Valdez, there are many in Anchorage. They range from homes licensed to care for a small handful of older adults, to larger facilities which care for as many as forty or more seniors.  You can look online for Assisted Living facilities and you will find a large number of places to call. Ask a lot of questions, visit if possible, and talk to several different facilities or homes before making your decision. 
  • Need information about Alzheimer’s disease?  Caring for a loved one with the beginning stages of this disease is easier if you have some simple facts.  Occasionally, folks come to Cordova to share their knowledge about Alzheimer’s.  Be sure to watch for information about these visits.  In the meantime, click above for more information. 
  • Do you know what to do if a loved one dies in your home?  The first thing to do is call 911 and ask for an ambulance.  Tell them what has happened.  They will come to your home and transport your loved one to the hospital. A doctor will assess the situation and be able to fill out the paperwork required by law before your loved one can be transported to Anchorage.  You need to decide in advance what mortuary you want to use (check the Anchorage listings on the Internet or ask a friend for a recommendation).  The hospital will contact you for this information.  Once your loved one goes to Anchorage, you will deal directly with the mortuary from then on.  
  • Need to apply for Social Security? This site will lead you through the process.   
  • Did you know that in Cordova, the Cordova Family Resource Center is your place to get help with WIC, food stamps, and signing up for Medicaid (not Medicare)? You can reach them at 424-5674 or visit their office in the Courthouse building.
  •  Suspect Elder Abuse has occurred?  Learn what to do here.  
  • Do you need the help of an Ombudsman?  An ombudsman investigates complaints about State Government and advocates on your behalf.   
  • Do you have an Advanced Care Plan in place? Here is just one outline of how you might think about Advanced Care Planning by establishing these responses before they’re needed.
    • Who do you trust to make decisions for you?
    • What types of medical treatment do you want—or not want? 
    • What is most important for your comfort and dignity? 
    • What spiritual and faith traditions should be remembered? 
    • What do you want your loved ones and healthcare providers to know about you? 



If you have a question you can’t find the answer to, or need help using this page, call Senior Citizen Liaison Susan Harding at (907)424-7294.