Public Records Request

In general, all city records are open to inspection by the public at the city office where the records are kept during the regular office hours of that office. Exceptions to this are noted in Title 3, Chapter 3.15 of City Code.

Public Records

To request access to, or a copy of, public records, complete the Records Request Form 09-23. The City Clerk accepts all requests to inspect or copy city records. Fees may be associated with the request, as specified in City Code and/or the City’s Fee Schedule.

Records Request Form 09-23 fillable

Records Retention

City Council, by resolution, has adopted the City of Cordova, Alaska Records Retention and Disposal Schedule 2023, as it’s method of managing and preserving public and historical records.

Alaska Statutes require that the City’s public records are managed in an orderly manner and further require the City to preserve nonpublic documents that have permanent historical value. The schedule recommends minimum retention periods for administrative, financial, legal, and other historical records.

The most current Records Retention Schedule in use by the City of Cordova may be accessed electronically her: Cordova Records Retention and Disposal Schedule 2023