South Harbor Rebuild Project

The City of Cordova is proposing to complete overdue repairs and necessary enhancements to the city’s harbor. The Cordova Harbor is a transportation and service hub for the surrounding Prince William Sound, offering year-round vessel access to dedicated fishing grounds and safe harbor to mariners. The harbor is past its useful life and is no longer able to adequately and safely support the vessels docking and using the harbor.


The project would consist of several components, completed from mid-September 2023 until mid-April 2024:


The following components are proposed for the project:

  • South Harbor float system replacements
  • New drive-down transfer bridge and service float (drive-down dock)
  • New South Harbor bulkhead
  • South Harbor parking improvements and new walkway

Collin Bronson
Director of Special Projects

Harbor Press Release & Public Notices

City of Cordova Announces South Harbor Reconstruction Contract Award

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Request for Proposal – Cordova South Harbor Rebuild

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