South Harbor Rebuild FAQs

Q: When does the project begin?

A: The proposal, design and contracting process is well underway.  We are currently awaiting design-build proposals from different companies and plan to announce the contract award in early December.

The current timeline for actual construction is set to begin at the end of the 2023 fishing season and conclude before the 2024 fishing season.  Tentatively mid-September 2023 through mid-April 2024 with final construction complete by mid-June of 2024.


Q: What does the new harbor look like?

A: Design and proposal documents with graphics can be found here.


Q: How much will this project cost?

A: The cost of this project, which will be funded through various grants, bonds and loans has a price tag of $39,596,575.


Q: How will this affect the boats currently in the South Harbor during construction?

A: The current plan is to have all vessels moored in the South Harbor removed by the mid-September deadline.  This will allow complete access by the construction crews to complete their work and to meet the stringent timelines to be ready for the 2024 fishing season.  Currently the City is working on a plan to provide additional parking on City property for trailered boats as well as drydocking space at the shipyard.  Vessel owners will need to notify the Harbormaster if they require parking/drydocking space. 


Q:  Who can I talk to if I have questions regarding the South Harbor construction project?

A: Questions can be sent to Collin Bronson, City of Cordova Director of Special Projects: