Property Taxes

In accordance with City Code, a general tax is assessed, levied and collected upon all real properties within the city for school and municipal purposes upon all real properties within the city. Property taxes are also levied on real property in the “rural zone” – 68.23 square miles of land annexed to the City in 1993. In addition to permanent structures, real property includes mobile homes attached to utilities.

The City Clerk prepares and mails tax statements by July 1st of each year. The statements are mailed to the owner of record, as determined by the tax rolls. The tax statement includes the amount, dates when taxes are payable and delinquent, and penalties and interest.

In general, property tax may be paid in two equal installments. The first installment is due prior to September 1st of the tax year and the second installment must be paid prior to November 1st of the tax year.

Senior Citizen and Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemption

The real property owned and occupied as the primary residence and permanent place of abode by a: (1) resident sixty-five years of age or older; (2) disabled veteran; or (3) resident at least sixty years old who is the widow or widower of a person who qualified for an exemption, is exempt from taxation on the first one hundred fifty thousand dollars of the assessed value of the real property. To apply for the exemption, the applicant must complete the Property Tax Exemption Application.

Property Tax-Roll

To search these forms you can scroll through the listed information or you can use the (CTRL+F) feature by pressing the Control key and the F key at the same time. If you are using the (CTRL+F) feature a search field will appear. Type in the name, street or tax id number you are searching for, press (ENTER) and the page will scroll to the specified information.

City Clerk

Contact the city clerk for: public information requests, property taxes, municipal elections, voter registration or for information regarding City Council.

Susan Bourgeois
907-424-6248 or 6286