Parks, Trails, & Open Spaces

Cordova Parks, & Open Spaces

Cordova has a number of parks and open spaces for public use and enjoyment. The facilities located on our parks may include seats and picnic tables, playgrounds, public toilets, paths, lights, parking areas and trash cans.


Parks and open space recreation areas with the city limits of Cordova include:


  • Hollis Henrich’s Park .  11 acres.  Includes picnic tables, restrooms, Odiak Pond, boardwalk and gazebo  Located at 300 Chase Avenue.
  • Nettie Hansen Park. A small neighborhood park with playground equipment. Located at 401 Browning Avenue.
  • Nirvana Park. 1.68 acres. Cordova’s oldest park located on Eyak Lake.  The park is also home to historical gravesites of the native Eyak people. Located on Lake Avenue.
  • Noel Pallas Children’s Memorial Playground.  Swing set and various play structures and a pump track. Located at 101 South First Street.
  • Cordova Municipal Park. 2 acres.  Located across from Cordova Jr/Sr High School the park features a small softball or little league diamond, and restrooms.  Located 100 South First Street.
  • Orca Inlet Recreation Area.  Ball field / Multipurpose Field. Located at 1451 Whitshed Road.
  • Breakwater Park and Trail. Located at the end of Nicholoff Way.
  • Fisherman’s Memorial. Located on Nicholoff Way.
  • Odiak Camper Park.  12 spaces. Primarily used for seasonal camping over the salmon fishing season.  Located at 1401 Whitshed Road.
  • Eyak Lake Skater’s Cabin.  Located at 2210 Power Creek Road.
  • Fish Cleaning Station located on New England Cannery Road (Route 10)
  • Kayak launch at Fleming Spit. Located on New England Cannery Road. 

Cordova is home to a number of key walking and hiking rails – and we have exciting plans to build more throughout the City.

Cordova Comprehensive Trails Plan.

The Cordova Comprehensive Trails Plan is an initiative of the Cordova Trails Committee, a sub-committee of the Parks & Recreation Commission.

During the past two years we have been working with the National Parks Service, Rivers Trails and Conservation Assistance program (RTCA) to develop a comprehensive trails plan for the City of Cordova and surrounding area. This is a multi-phase process that includes:

  • Identifying and mapping existing trails in the area
  • Identifying possible trail improvements and expansions
  • Working with local landowners and land managers to identify shared trails management desires
  • Public outreach within the Cordova community to determine what the public and businesses want in a local trails system
  • Creating a final draft of a comprehensive trails plan that will guide our efforts in the coming years with implementing a shared vision of a Cordova trails system.


Open House

Tuesday September 20, 11am to 8pm.

Lower Atrium, The Cordova Center.


Come along to our open house and find out more about the Cordova Trails Plan.  

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