Parks, Trails, Open Spaces & Camping

Cordova Parks, Open Spaces & Camping

Cordova has a number of parks and open spaces for public use and enjoyment. The facilities located on our parks may include seats and picnic tables, playgrounds, public toilets, paths, lights, parking areas and trash cans.


Parks and open space recreation areas with the city limits of Cordova include:


  • Hollis Henrich’s Park .  11 acres.  Includes picnic tables, restrooms, Odiak Pond, boardwalk and gazebo  Located at 300 Chase Avenue.
  • Nettie Hansen Park. A small neighborhood park with playground equipment. Located on Browning Avenue & 4th Street,
  • Nirvana Park. 1.68 acres. Cordova’s oldest park located on Eyak Lake.  The park is also home to historical gravesites of the native Eyak people. Located on Lake Avenue.
  • Noel Pallas Children’s Memorial Playground.  Swing set and various play structures and a pump track. Located on Sawmill Avenue & S 1st Avenue opposite the ballfield.
  • Cordova Municipal Park. 2 acres.  Located across from Cordova Jr/Sr High School the park features a small softball or little league diamond, and restrooms.  Located on Sawmill Ave.
  • Orca Inlet Recreation Area.  Ball field / Multipurpose Field. Located on Whitshed Road.
  • Fisherman’s Park/Breakwater Trail. Located at the end of Nicholoff Way.
  • Fisherman’s Memorial. Located on Nicholoff Way.
  • Odiak Camper Park.  12 spaces. Primarily used for seasonal camping over the salmon fishing season.  Located on Whitshed Road.
  • Lake Eyak Skater’s Cabin and Beach.  Located on Lake Avenue.
  • Fish Cleaning Station located on New England Cannery Road (Route 10)
  • Kayak launch at Flemning Spit.  

Cordova is home to a number of key walking and hiking rails – and we have exciting plans to build more throughout the City.

Cordova Comprehensive Trails Plan.

The Cordova Comprehensive Trails Plan is an initiative of the Cordova Trails Committee, a sub-committee of the Parks & Recreation Commission.

During the past two years we have been working with the National Parks Service, Rivers Trails and Conservation Assistance program (RTCA) to develop a comprehensive trails plan for the City of Cordova and surrounding area. This is a multi-phase process that includes:

  • Identifying and mapping existing trails in the area
  • Identifying possible trail improvements and expansions
  • Working with local landowners and land managers to identify shared trails management desires
  • Public outreach within the Cordova community to determine what the public and businesses want in a local trails system
  • Creating a final draft of a comprehensive trails plan that will guide our efforts in the coming years with implementing a shared vision of a Cordova trails system.


Open House

Tuesday September 20, 11am to 8pm.

Lower Atrium, The Cordova Center.


Come along to our open house and find out more about the Cordova Trails Plan.  

Fill our out survey and contribute to our map:

Survey Link:

Map Link:




Camping in Cordova

Cordova has a number of camping options including Eyak Lake Skater’s Cabin and the Odiak Camper Park operated by the City of Cordova.


Eyak Lake Skater's Cabin

Eyak Lake Skater’s Cabin






Location: 2210 Power Creek Road, Cordova, AK 99574 (marked on Google Maps as NF-S-839)

Eyak Lake Skater’s Cabin is a City operated, log cabin rental located on the Eyak Lake shoreline.

This rustic cabin  is equipped with a wood stove, bench and electricity and has an outdoor toilet.  The cabin does not have running water.  Outside the cabin is a public beach area with picnic table, fire pit and BBQ

Visitors must bring their own water, food, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, cook stoves, matches, cooking gear/utensils, lanterns or flashlights, toilet paper, first aid kit and garbage bags. Firewood maybe pre-purchased from the Department of Parks and Recreation prior to arrival at the cabin.  Maximum overnight capacity is 8.

Daily Use Fees

Maximum stay is 3 days.  Fees include 6% City Sales Tax and 6% Public Accommodation Services Tax.

  • 1st 24-hour Rental:  $28
  • 2nd 24-hour Rental: $39 (Total $67)
  • 3rd 24-hour Rental: $56 (Total $123)
  • Key Deposit: $50 (Refundable)



To reserve Eyak Lake Skater’s Cabin please complete the Eyak Lake Skater’s Cabin Reservation Form 2023_pdf and email it to 


Odiak Camper Park

Location: 1401 Whitshed Rd, Cordova, AK 99574.

Odiak Camper Park will close for the season on September 15, 2023

The City owns and manages the 12 RV camping sites and 3 tent sites (with platforms) and associated facilities at the Odiak Camper Park which overlooks Odiak Slough and has views of downtown Cordova, Hawkins Islands and Ocra Inlet,

This RV camping area is open during summer only and primarily used by seasonal commercial fishermen and their families. RV spaces includes electric hook up (20-amp, 30-amp and 50-amp RV plugs) .

Restrooms, showers ($ fee – 50c minimum), potable water supply, picnic tables, fire rings,  trash dumpster and a dump station are located at the facility.

Tent platforms are approximately 10″ x 12″.

Usage: May 1 – September 30 yearly dependent on weather conditions.


Fees inclusive of 6% City Sales Tax.  Short term rate also includes 6% Public Services Accommodation Tax.

Short Term (Max 7 days)

$35.00 per day  Includes Electric, Water & Trash & Dump Station.
$12.50 per day  Tent.  No electric or water.


Long Term (30+ days)

$32.50 per day  Includes Electric, Water & Trash & Dump Station.
$975 per month  Includes Electric, Water & Trash & Dump Station. First month’s fee must be pre-paid
$250 Reservation Fee Refundable.  Hold for securing of site.
$150 Security deposit Refundable. Payable in advance of occupation of site. Charged at the discretion of the City of Cordova.


Odiak Camper Park Rules



  1. .Follow City rules regarding noise. Loud noise can disturb other camper’s right to enjoy their space in peace and is strictly prohibited (including but not limited to loud music, television/video games, physical/verbal altercations, etc.).
  2. Any disturbance or action that requires police intervention is considered a material breach of your Camper Space Use Permit Agreement and will be grounds to terminate that agreement under the terms provided in the Agreement.
  3. Procession and consumption of alcohol and alcoholic beverages are prohibited in public places as per City Code: 6.12.030.
  4. Possession, consumption, or impairment from drugs (including marijuana), is prohibited within the public places..
  5. Your designated space must be kept in a clean and hygienic condition. Keep common areas free of trash, clutter, and obstructions. Construction or erection of any semi-permanent or permanent structures in your space, with the exception of conventional canvas-and-pole tents, is strictly prohibited.
  6. Storing garbage outside, other than in receptacles specifically designated by the City for that purpose, that attracts bears , insects, rodents or vermin is strictly prohibited. For purposes of this rule, garbage includes but is not limited to pet waste, refuse, cigarette butts, and chewing tobacco, cans, bottles, papers, and other items which are typically discarded on a day-to-day basis. Refer City Code 8.08; 8.32.
  7. Fish cleaning stations are not available in the park. Do not dispose of fish or fish cleaning scraps in the dumpsters. Fish cleaning stations are located at the Harbor and on New England Cannery Road (toward Orca Inlet).
  8. Campers are prohibited from dumping and/or disposing of gray and black water and/or human waste on the City owned or City-controlled land; it must be dumped at the designated dumping station. Refer City Code 8.36.
  9. Commercial Operations: No campers shall be permitted to operate a business, hobby or other enterprise intended to draw customers or to offer for sale any goods or services from a location within the Park.
  10. It is prohibited to deface, destroy, alter, remove, or otherwise disfigure any equipment, sign, utility services, or other facility owned or provided by the City at any City-owned campground or campsite, or parking area.
  11. Children under 18 may not be left unattended or unsupervised in the Park.
  12. Violation of any park rule, city ordinance, local, state or, federal law can result in prosecution and/or eviction. These rules were made to benefit everyone, thank you for reading and abiding by them



  1. No more than two pets (2) are permitted per designated spot.
  2. Dogs must always be kept on a leash, and their noise level and behaviors must not disrupt, offend, frighten, or interfere with other users of the Park.
  3. Campers are responsible for any and all damages and claims arising from or relating to their pet, whether incurred by the Park or by other Campers.
  4. Campers must promptly pick up, remove, and dispose any pet waste.



  1. Fires permitted in fire rings only.
  2. Pallet fires are prohibited.
  3. Split firewood is sold at a rate of $6.00 per bundle (6 pieces) and is available from the Parks & Recreation Department office.
  4. Please do not place trash in fire ring. Dumpsters are located onsite for your convenience.
  5. The City Burn Pile is available for use for the disposal paper, cardboard, wood, and brush per City Code 8.28.



  1. Motor vehicles may only be parked in the parking space(s) designated in the Camper Space Use Permit Agreement.
  2. Vehicles may not be parked in unoccupied camper spaces or in other areas of the Park.
  3. At least one wheel on each side of any recreational vehicle must always be adequately blocked front and rear to prevent rolling.
  4. All trailers must have enough jacks or jack devices to stabilize the unit on a long-term basis.
  5. Blocking or jacks should be securely and properly placed to be stable and not damage vehicle undercarriage.
  6. Campers are advised to keep their vehicles locked. The City is not liable for damage of any kind, trespass to, or theft of Campers’ property.
  7. Personal property may not be stored in any Park common areas.
  8. No net mending or boat storage is permitted in the Park.
  9. Only one (1) grounded connection between the camping unit and the electrical post supplied by the City is permitted. Camper spaces are rated at specific amperage. It is the camper’s responsibility to stay within the supply available. Damage to the camper’s equipment and/or the City’s electrical system will be the responsibility of the camper.


Vehicle Safety

  1. Only two (2) motor vehicles are permitted on each space, passes for which are issued with each use permit. These passes must be always displayed on the rearview mirror in the windshield.
  2. Vehicles must be in good and safe working condition, and adequately sealed against the weather.
  3. Vehicles should not extend beyond the boundaries of your designated space(s), intrude on other residents’ spaces or vehicles, or encroach on the surrounding natural landscape.
  4. Vehicles’ waste and plumbing fixtures and systems must not leak or pollute the Park, and vents must remain unobstructed. Recreational vehicles must be equipped with a minimum of a simple filtration system for gray water.
  5. Campers may not use cooking facilities, plumbing, propane appliances, gas appliances, electrical appliances, heating, and lighting components of their vehicle in a manner that is contrary to or deviates from the manner for which their use is intended. Campers are also prohibited from utilizing these devices in any manner that creates a health and safety hazard for themselves or others.
  6. Vehicle and/or Boat Maintenance: No vehicle or boat maintenance, repair or washing of RVs or vehicles or boats is allowed within the Park.
  7. Propane Tanks – No tank used to contain propane or liquefied petroleum gas may exceed a 50-pound rating. There shall be no more than two (2) tanks attached to a camping unit at one time. Propane tanks must be attached to the trailer or camping unit in the manner specified by the manufacturer, or in a cradle specifically designed to hold propane tanks to camping units. Freestanding tanks are not permitted.
  8. Campers wishing to fill the potable water holding tank(s) in their camping unit from the Park water system may do so only if they make no changes or alterations to the Park plumbing fixtures and provided that an approved anti-siphon device is installed on the camping unit. Hoses may not be left attached to Park spigots.
  9. It is strictly prohibited to attach a garden hose or similar device to a Park water system for the purpose of rinsing wastewater or sewage-holding tanks.




Bookings open for the 2023 Season on March 1.  Season reservations will be taken on a first-come, first served basis.  Due to expected demand you need to book ahead,

Odiak Camper Park Reservation Form – Seasonal 2023_pdf


For short term stays (7 days max) please complete the Short Term Odiak Camper Park Reservation Form – 2023



For enquiries please contact:

Administrative Clerk

Department of Parks & Recreation

Phone: (907) 424 7282


US Forest Service Cabins / Campsites

The US Forest Service operates short-term cabins within the Chugah National Forest and the Copper River Delta area including

  • Power Creek Cabin
  • McKinley Lake Cabin
  • McKinley Trail Cabin

Reservations for campgrounds and cabins are made through (1-877-444-6777) and recommended for summer camping. Fees are charged during the summer season.


The US Forest Service also operates the following short-term free to use camp sites:

  • Alaganik. 17 Mile Cooper River Highway.  Five tent platforms.  Pit toilet.  RV parking allowed but no hookups.  Three night maximum. 
  • Snag Lake Road. 18.1 Mile Copper River Highway (north side).  RV parking allowed but no hookups.  Not recommended for large RVs.  Very rough road. 14 night maximum. 
  • Eighteen Mile. 18.1 Mile Copper River Highway (south side).  Two tent platforms. Pit toilet.  RV parking allowed but no hookups.  Not recommended for large RVs.  14 night maximum.
  • One-eyed Pond.  18.2 Mile Copper River Highway (south side). One tent platform. Pit toilet.  RV parking allowed but no hookups.14 night maximum.
  • Halbrook Pond.  18.2 Mile Copper River Highway (north side).  Road is very rough and not maintained.  RV Parking allowed but no hookups.  Not recommended for large RVs.  14 night maximum.
  • Saddlebag Glacier.  24.6 Mile Copper River Highway.  Two tent camping sites.  RV parking allowed but no hookups.  14 night maximum.
  • Long Island.  Between 27 Mile and 34 Mile Copper River Highway (on south side).  Tent camping & RV parking allowed but no hookups.  Not recommended for large RVs/  14 night maximum.



State of Alaska Campsites

The State of Alaska allows tent camping and RV parking in the pullouts along Power Creek Road (past Skater;s Cabin) to the end of the road.  No toilets or hookups available.  Free to use.  One night only.

Eyak Corporation

Phone: (907) 424-7161

Eyak Corporation operates the following campsites:

  • Hartney Bay.  Mile 5 Whitshed Road.  Two camping sites with fire rings,  Tent camping and RV parking allowed, but no hookups or toilets available.  Requires a use permit from Eyak Corporation.  Fee for use.
  • Cabin Lake.  Mile 12 Copper River Highway (opposite Merle K Smith Airport).  12 camping sites with fire rings.  Tent camping and RV parking allowed but not hookups or toilet available. Requires a use permit from Eyak Corporation.  Fee for use.