Cordova Police Department

The Cordova Police Department is committed to the protection of life and property of all citizens of Cordova, Alaska.

The Cordova Police Department will strive to show fairness, compassion and excellence and do so with respect and dignity to all persons. The officers and staff will provide police services utilizing training, technology and innovation to achieve that goal.  The vision of the Cordova Police Department is for the department to be a progressive, forward thinking organization with unquestioned integrity. A professional organization that will be a partner with the community to make Cordova the best place to live and raise a family.

Chief of Police


911 Dispatch/Jail
(907) 424-6100
Dispatchers are available 24-7 via telephone. Jail visitation is scheduled Monday - Friday from 9:00 am - 9:30 pm for immediate family only depending on officer availability.

Submit A Crime Tip (907-424-8477)

(Report ALL Emergency to 9-1-1)

If you believe you’ve witnessed a crime, yet would like to remain anonymous, please call our Crime Tip Line at 907-424-8477. 

For Even Greater Anonymity You Can Submit A Tip Via


How To Submit A Tip Via Tip411:


Option 1: TEXT A TIP TO 847411

To send an anonymous tip via text message to the Cordova Police Department, text the keyword CORDOVAPD and your tip to 847411.


OPTION 2: Download the Cordova PD Tip App



Use the form below to submit your anonymous tip online. After submitting a tip using a web service, you’ll be assigned a six-digit code containing numbers and letters. That is your anonymous ID to log back into the system.

Submit Online


Dog Licenses

The City requires that all dogs over 6 months old be licensed. Licenses are valid for one year, expiring on December 31 of the year.  Licensed animals receive a tag, which should be attached to the dogs collar or harness.

Other requirements as stipulated in Chapter 8 of the City Code include:

  1. All dogs will have a current rabies vaccination.
  2. An owner shall keep the dog under restraint at all times within the defined area; in the unrestricted zone, the dog may be unrestrained provided the owner keeps the dog from entering private property.
  3. Structures pens, and yards must be kept clean and free from objectionable odor.
  4. Female dogs in heat must be restrained so as to prevent contact with male dogs – except for planned breeding purposes.
  5. An owner of a vicious dog must either confine the dog in a building or secure enclosure, or muzzle the dog so it cannot injure other animals, persons, or their property. Premises confining such a dog must have a sign posted conspicuously to that effect.
  6. An owner must prevent the dog from:
    1. biting or attacking a person;
    2. chasing passersby or passing vehicles;
    3. attacking other animals;
    4. damaging private or public property;
    5. barking, whining or howling continuously for a period exceeding 15 minutes; and
    6. defecating on public property or on private property other than the owner’s property.

Bicycle Registration

The Cordova Police Department has a bicycle registration program.  Bicycle owners can fill out the Bicycle Registration form and turn it in (or mail it to) the Cordova Police Department.  The information provided will be updated in our database for future reference in lost or recovered bicycles.  Owners should keep a copy of this information for their own records.

The Cordova Police Department encourages people to use bike locks to deter theft of bicycles.