South Harbor Construction Update – June 24, 2024

Jun 24, 2024Public Notices, South Harbor Rebuild Press Releases & Public Notices

South Harbor Construction Update
June 24, 2024

H float at the South Harbor is now open, with floats H, I, J, and K currently accessible. However, parking and the eastern access gangway remain closed for construction.

Water services are available at J and K floats, with electricity and additional water services to be activated soon. G float is structurally complete but requires electrical and water connections. More slips will be opened as construction progresses.

The harbor and waterfront are active construction zones, so please follow designated traffic routes. Avoid walking, biking, or driving along Nicholoff for safety reasons and refrain from leaving equipment or harbor carts on the main floats.

Please refer to the parking and float access maps and diagrams through the links provided below.

2024 South Harbor Summer Overflow Parking
Harbor Parking Area Map
J and K Float Access Map

The City of Cordova appreciates everyone’s patience as they work towards completing the project and making the harbor fully operational. For inquiries, contact Special Projects Director Collin Bronson at (907) 917-9159 or Harbormaster: Tony Schinella (907) 424-6400.

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