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Building Permits

To obtain a building permit, an individual must complete and submit an application to the City Planning Department. Building permits are available for residential, multi-familiy, commercial, or industrial structures. A building permit, once approved, expires 12 months after the date it is issued.

Fire and Life Safety:

A Fire and Life Safety review is required for business, commerical, or industrial structure, or any residential building larger than a three-plex. The State of Alaska Division of Fire and Life Safety is the Building Official for these structures.

Sales Tax Exemption:

Individuals may apply for a tax exemption for sales of construction materials and services exceeding $7,500. To be eligible, the purchaser must obtain a building permit from the Planning Department and apply for the exemption. Construction materials are those items becoming a permanent part of the structure and must have been purchased by a single individual for a single project during a 12-consecutive month period. To receive the exemption, the purchaser pays a $450 fee. 

Parking Considerations:

Each residential dwelling unit must have at least two vehicular off-street parking spaces. Parking is permitted on the setbacks. The number of parking spaces required for Business, Commercial, or Industrial uses can be determined by consulting the Planning Department staff.

Utilities (Water & Sewer):

Applicants must obtain a Water/Sewer Connection Permit from City Hall prior to the issuance of a building permit.

All proposed sewage systems outside of the City Sanitary Sewer System must be designed by a Registered Professional Engineer and installed by a Certified Installer unless the property owner is approved by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to do the installation. The Engineer is responsible for submitting the proposed design to DEC for approval and issuance of a Documentation of Construction.

As-Built Surveys:

As-builts prepared by a licensed land surveyor to establish the location of existing improvements on the property may be submitted within 60 days of issuance of building permit. Building without an as-built survey is done at your own risk.

Snow & Wind Load:

100 lbs. per square foot ground snow load and 120 mph wind load

Seismic Zone: D

Flood Zone: 

Flood Insurance Rate Maps are available online at the FEMA Map Service Center. For assistance in determining where flood areas are in relation to property, contact the Planning Department.

State-Owned Roads:

Construction along these roads may require compliance with additional State regulations: Lake Avenue, Power Creek Road, Whitshed Road, and the Copper River Highway/New England Cannery Road.


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