Garbage Collection

Residential garbage is collected weekly. Each residence is permitted three cans per week. Garbage should be bagged and tied and stored in clean, watertight, animal-proof containers with tight-fitting lids. Click here for the garbage collection schedule.

For homes that are outside the boundaries of the pick-up area, residents may bring their garbage to the Whitshed Road baler facility or to the dumpster outside the facility if the baler is closed.

Commercial properties may utilize cans or dumpsters. Dumpsters are available in two sizes. Collection may be scheduled weekly. Contact City Hall to schedule pick-ups.

Hazardous Waste

Paint, oil solvents, anti-freeze, adhesives, etc. may be deposited at the baler any time during regular business hours.

City Landfill

The City also operates a landfill for large items and “junk” vehicles that have been properly certified. Read Disposal of “Junk Vehicle” for more information.