Department of Motor Vehicles

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The local DMV office can assist with licensing and registration.

Sandee Maxwell

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DMV – Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday
11:30 am – 3:30 pm



  • Apply for/Renew Alaska Driver’s License
    • You are able to renew your license locally, but it will be issued on a paper license until the printed card is mailed to you by the state
  • Obtain Alaska Identification Cards
  • Take any Written Tests
  • Take Driver’s Road Test (between 9am and 2:30pm on any open days)
  • Take Motorcycle Road Test (weather permitting)
  • Register, Title, and/or Obtain Plates for a Vehicle, Boat, Snowmachine, or ATV
  • Apply for Handicapped Permits

Additional Services

  • Credit Card Payments are accepted at DMV for Dog Licenses, ATV/Snow Machine Registrations, and Citations.
  • Notary Services are also available at the local DMV during office hours.



Each Appointment Block is for ONE transaction. If you have multiple transactions to make, please make multiple appointments (ex: One appointment for Original Driver’s License and another appointment for a Written Test (Non-Commercial)).