Two Arrested for Bringing Fentanyl to Cordova

Aug 8, 2023Press Releases

City of Cordova
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Emily Anderson, Public Information Officer 

August 08, 2023

Two Arrested for Bringing Fentanyl to Cordova

On the evening of August 5th, Cordova Police arrested two individuals on arrival in Cordova who were in possession of a substantial number of fentanyl pills.  They also possessed heroin in an amount suspected to be for personal use. The individuals were taken into custody for drug and other charges.

Police Chief Andrew Goss commended his officers for the successful drug bust. “…we are extremely lucky to have this group of officers. They work countless hours to make Cordova a safe place to live.”

Highly addictive drugs create health and public safety issues. The City and local health partners are addressing the drug issue from both law enforcement and community health perspectives.  Identifying and arresting the people who are supplying and dealing drugs in Cordova is an important step. CCMC and Ilanka Health Center offer addiction assistance for those needing help, and Narcan kits are available throughout the community for emergency overdose response.

If anyone in the community has information to share with the Cordova Police Department, please contact any officer at any time at 907-424-6100.