Start Now on your 7 Day Survival Kit

Take the next 24 weeks and build a 7 Day Survival Kit! Cordovans will certainly notice the “7 Day Survival Kit” campaign going on during the next few weeks. As has been mentioned previously in these preparedness articles, Cordovans must learn to rely upon ourselves in the face of a disaster. No one else. The responsibility begins with individual families. Secondly, the city steps in to help. Then the state …and finally, the federal government will provide disaster relief, if necessary. But the chief responsibility for emergency preparedness remains with the family.

It is assumed that in a major disaster, it may be several days before any outside help reaches Cordova. Each family should have an emergency plan to rely upon, and emergency supplies, that will sustain the family during that time. Yet few families have the resources to go purchase all the emergency supplies needed in one shopping trip. Additionally, few families have the time to devote to preparing in the way we “should”. It can leave us frustrated and overwhelmed, with just another item on our “list-of-things-we-really-should-do”.

Alaska Department of Homeland Security (DHS&EM) has developed a pamphlet, a 24-week schedule, with an easy-to-follow Preparedness Supplies Calendar, helping to take the anxiety out of this process. The calendar delineates a specific plan of tasks and purchasing, eventually ensuring each family is ready. The next few weeks will be devoted to acquainting Cordova citizens with that preparedness calendar. It will be on the radio. It will be on the television. It will be in the grocery stores.

Local grocers, Nichols Backdoor Company and Alaska Commercial, have supported Cordovans in emergency preparedness this past summer and continue that support with this 7 Day Survival Kit campaign. Each week, for the next several weeks, reminders will be posted in each store, encouraging families what to purchase …and what to do…to prepare their kits. Theoretically, the entire town could have survival kits within 24 weeks. What a goal!

The 7 Day Survival Kit pamphlet can be found on the city website. Go to , follow the link to “Cordova Prepared”…and then to the 7 Day Survival Kit. Additionally, pamphlets will also be available at displays in each of the grocery stores. Be sure to take one home.

Start your kits. Be prudent. Be ready. Be prepared.