City Continues to Plan Vessel Accommodations for 2023/2024 South Harbor Slip Holders

Apr 24, 2023Press Releases, South Harbor Rebuild Press Releases & Public Notices

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Emily Anderson, Public Information Officer 

April 24, 2023
City Continues to Plan Vessel Accommodations for 2023/2024 South Harbor Slip Holders


Construction of Cordova’s South Harbor is scheduled to begin in Fall 2023. City is creating in-harbor and on-land moorage alternatives for vessels currently moored in the South Harbor that will be impacted. All vessels currently moored in the South Harbor must be out by September 14, 2023, and remain out until April 15, 2024.

Slip holders with vessels in the South Harbor who would like to be considered for alternative moorage in Cordova (in water or on land) during the construction period must complete and submit the Preliminary South Harbor Moorage Application on or before May 31st, 2023. City plans to prioritize South Harbor vessel accommodations based on the information collected through this application. Project Director Collin Bronson states, “Our primary goal with this request is to efficiently relocate vessels and clear out the South Harbor so that we can maintain our timeline and have the South Harbor open for the 2024 fishing season. We appreciate all vessel owners’ cooperation and understanding during this process.”

Vessel Accommodation need will be prioritized using the following criteria:

  1. Vessels actively engaged in commercial enterprise during the South Harbor construction period (September 15, 2023-April 15, 2024) for example commercial fishing, mariculture, SERVs, marine salvage, charter, etc.
  2. Live-aboard vessels housing people during the Construction Period, wooden vessels, and large vessels that exceed Travelift capacity.
  3. Applicant will not be considered if delinquent on Cordova Harbor use fees.

The Preliminary South Harbor Moorage Application is located at the following web address:

Questions? Contact Tony Schinella, Harbormaster (907)253-6400 OR email:

Project Background:

The South Harbor Rebuild project will completely replace the current southern portion of the harbor along Nicholoff Way. The updated modern design and structure of the harbor will benefit mariners and the community at large by improving the efficient use of the port, emergency service access, upgraded potable water systems, and more energy-efficient power and electrical receptacles.

Ongoing project details and updates can be found on the city website at: -rebuild/