September is Month to be Prepared

Cordova has now joined the ranks as an Alaskan community that takes their emergency preparedness seriously….and we successfully tested that readiness during Alaska Shield, the statewide emergency earthquake drill, a few months ago.

After a quiet summer, Cordova’s emergency management team is ready to begin again, in September, with another year of drills and preparedness. September is National Preparedness Month, which is sponsored by the Ready Campaign in partnership with Citizen Corps and the Advertising Council. The focus of National Preparedness Month is to encourage citizens to take simple steps to prepare for emergencies in their homes, businesses, and communities. In Cordova you can do that in a number of ways this month.

#1 Start (or finish) the 7-Day Survival Kit that you thought about last year at this time! That kit prepares your family for a week following any disaster. If you started it last year, update it now. The kit contents can be found online at:

#2 Go to the Cordova Volunteer Fire Department and see the posters depicting the Alaska Shield 2010 exercise that you (or a friend) probably participated in. 771 Cordovans participated (!), so chances are good that you’ll see someone you know on those posters. And…when you check out those posters, you will receive a FREE smoke detector from CVFD.

#3 Assess and understand your risk from earthquakes. It is a part of life in Cordova. A rather considerable risk. Fortunately, a small measure of prevention can significantly reduce earthquake risk to individuals, businesses, and governments. One of the very best Alaskan publications depicting ways we can protect ourselves is entitled, “Are you prepared for the Next Big Earthquake?” The 27-page pamphlet is extremely easy to browse through and answers a myriad of questions. Subjects range from how to make a family emergency plan to the proper method of securing your fuel tanks against earthquake damage. The publication can be found online at:

Did you know that Alaska has over 12,000 earthquakes annually? Are you ready? Are you Prepared? Be prudent. Join us during National Preparedness Month and take a small step towards the safety of your family.