Mar 8, 2022Public Notices

Just a reminder that City of Cordova Raw Fish Tax returns are due March 31, 2022.  There are several ways to file your raw fish sales tax returns with the City. Please don’t wait; take care of your taxes today to avoid  late fees or penalties.

You can file your taxes by any of the means below:

  • In Person, City Hall offices are open between 8 AM – 5 PM Monday through Friday.
  • Drop Box, we have two, one located under the Portico at entrance of Cordova Center and the second is attached to the side of the Library book return.
  • Email to utilities@cityofcordova.net or finance2@cityofcordova.net
  • USPS mail, we accept as timely any returns with a postmark of March 31, 2022 or earlier.
  • By phone at 907-424-6212 or 907-424-6200, if I’m unavailable.
  • Fax to 907-424-6000.