Preventing and Maintaining Bear-Safe Neighborhoods in Cordova

Sep 30, 2022Press Releases

City of Cordova
PO Box 1210 • 601 1st St  Cordova, Alaska 99574  (907) 424-6200

Helen Howarth, City Manager
Emily Anderson, Public Information Officer
(907) 424-6228 

September 30, 2022

What You Can do to Deter Bears and Support Your Neighborhoods

  • Create a neighborhood phone tree.
  • Alert neighbors of any bear sightings or activity.
  • Monitor children and pets when they are outdoors.
  • Do not store food items on porches.
  • Clean grills and smokers after use and move indoors if possible.
  • Keep exterior doors to properties closed.
  • Keep vehicles locked and truck beds cleaned of any items that may be attractive to bears.
  • Store trash indoors, use a bear proof trash can or deliver trash to the City Baler.
  • Make sure cages and or electric fences for livestock are secured properly and cleaned regularly.
  • Remove any debris from cleaning fish and or wild game thoroughly.
  • Consider using the public fish cleaning stations if necessary.
  • Report neighborhood bear sightings to police.

City of Cordova Baler Hours are Monday through Saturday 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM. Household trash can be dropped off free of charge if you are an active Water/Sewer/Garbage account holder with the City.

Bears are entering dens now and will continue to do so over the next month. The better we are at securing food/trash/attractants, the sooner they will go to sleep. For more information on how you can make your properties bear safe please visit the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website or call our local Alaska Department of Fish and Game Wildlife Biologist Charlotte Westing for specific suggestions at 1 907 424 3215.

The City of Cordova Unified Bear Response Team would like to thank the community for their efforts in reducing public bear attractants and diligence in appropriately calling in sightings. These measures assist in deterring bears and helping to track and manage bears that may be an issue.