Bear Conflict and Prevention

Sep 30, 2022Press Releases

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Helen Howarth, City Manager
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September 30, 2022

Bear Conflict and Prevention
The City of Cordova recognizes that there has been a high volume of bear related issues recently and we’d like to ensure the community has the appropriate information and tools to address these issues.

If You Have a Problem with a Bear Around Your Home

If despite your best prevention efforts, a bear is causing a problem around your home, here are a few things you can do to get it to leave.

  • First make sure that you and your family are in a safe spot (inside a house or vehicle or standing close together with 3 or more people).
  • Make noise (yell, bang pans, etc.) to scare the bear.
  • If the bear is not threatening, watch it and try to figure out why it is attracted to your home or camp. Fix the problem after the bear leaves. You can call your local Fish and Game office for suggestions at 1 907 424 3215.
  • Cordova Police are tracking bear sightings and working with ADF&G and Troopers to monitor bear activity. Please report all town bear sightings, specifically unusual bear activity, to them at 1 907 424 6100. (The Cordova Bear Watch Facebook Page is NOT monitored by authorities or considered an official standard of reporting.)
  • If police need to respond to a bear sighting, please make sure you are safely away from the animal, call the police and leave the scene so they can secure the area.
  • If you regularly have problem, bear issues and are considering shooting please make yourself aware of the guidelines for Defense of Life and Property (5 AAC 92.410) and consider the risk of discharging a firearm inside the bounds of a community. It is encouraged that local law enforcement be contacted as a first option.
  • Remember, if the bear has been attracted to your home or camp by improperly stored food or garbage, it can NOT be legally killed.