Notice To the Public: Ordinance 1198 Adopted

Jun 21, 2021City Council, Public Notices


The following ordinance was adopted by the City Council on June 16, 2021:

Ordinance 1198

An ordinance of the Council of the City of Cordova, Alaska, repealing chapter 5.42 “Alaska remote seller sales tax code” and amending CMC 5.40.010 to clarify when sales tax is levied on remote and local sales, repealing and reenacting CMC 5.40.011 to adopt by reference the Alaska remote seller sales tax uniform code (“uniform code”) and amending CMC 5.40.020 to revise and add definitions to ensure consistency with that code, amending CMC 5.40.130 to revise late filing and payment penalties and interest to mirror those imposed in the uniform code, adding CMC 5.40.135 to permit repayment plans for delinquent taxes in the same manner as the uniform code, repealing and reenacting CMC 5.40.110 to mirror the audit process and liability for failure to submit returns adopted in the uniform code and adopting an audit protest appeal process for sellers

a copy of this ordinance can be obtained from the City Clerk’s office ( and is available here.