City of Cordova Announces New City Manager, Samantha Greenwood

May 1, 2024Press Releases

City of Cordova
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May 1, 2024

City of Cordova Announces New City Manager, Samantha Greenwood

Cordova, Alaska – At their meeting on April 17, 2024, the Cordova City Council voted to approve a three-year contract between the City of Cordova and Samantha Greenwood to serve as the City Manager.  

Sam Greenwood served as the Public Works Director in Cordova for the past six years and as the Planner before that. She has assumed the role of interim City Manager since Helen Howarth went on leave in October 2023. With Sam Greenwood officially appointed as the new city manager, Cordova is looking towards a seamless transition in leadership. Sam’s dedication and experience as the Public Works Director have prepared her well for this new role. 

Helen Howarth has been on extended leave since October 2023 due to ongoing health concerns. The council recognizes and appreciates Helen’s contributions and the positive impact she has had during her tenure as city manager. The city staff and the community are grateful for her service and wish her a full recovery.  

Sam Greenwood’s vision for Cordova includes a focus on sustainability, community engagement, and continued development while honoring the city’s unique heritage and natural beauty.