July 7th – Additional Drawing of South Harbor Slip Holders for Moorage in North Harbor During 2023-2024 South Harbor Construction Period

Jul 5, 2023Public Notices, South Harbor Rebuild Press Releases & Public Notices

The Cordova Harbormaster is anticipating additional moorage in the North Harbor during construction and will be holding an additional lottery for vessels that need slip space in the harbor,

Construction of Cordova’s South Harbor is scheduled to begin in Fall 2023. City is creating in-harbor and on-land moorage alternatives for vessels currently moored in the South Harbor that will be impacted. All vessels currently moored in the South Harbor must be out by September 14, 2023 and remain out until April 15, 2024.  The City will also pick the vessel spaces in the shipyard and make notifications for both categories on Friday.

The City of Cordova’s Harbormaster’s office is scheduled to hold the drawing for South Harbor slip holders in need of a berth in the North Harbor this Friday, July 7th at the Cordova Center at 9 a.m.  The berths will be assigned based on a random number generator picking recipients for the remaining slips as well as for spaces in the shipyard.  Each applicant will be assigned a number and numbers will be drawn randomly.

Vessel Accommodation need will be prioritized using the following criteria:

  1. Live-aboard vessels housing people during the construction period, wooden vessels, and large vessels that exceed the shipyard lifting capacity
  2. Vessels actively engaged in commercial enterprise during the South Harbor construction period (September 15, 2023-April 15, 2024) for example commercial fishing, mariculture, SERVs, marine salvage, charter, etc.
  3. Applicants will not be considered if delinquent on Cordova Harbor use fees.

Questions can be directed to Special Projects Director, Collin Bronson at: cbronson@cityofcordova.net