How are we Going to Store all that we Need?

Six weeks into the campaign, Cordova has been inundated with messages about the 7 Day Survival Kit. We understand that we should be prepared to feed ourselves for up to two weeks. It is unlikely that we will ever have the need for that two week supply… but it is definitely possible. Samoa is proof enough.

After a disaster, our bodies will be under both physical and emotional strain, making nutrition doubly important. We must be attentive to our nutritional needs, although the crisis of the moment may render us anything but hungry. It is vital that strength be maintained. Each person will need to take in enough calories to enable themselves to do any necessary post-disaster work. Be sure to eat one good meal, at least, every day, as well as drink enough water. Remember, each person needs 2 quarts liquid daily…just for drinking. And do not forget to include vitamins, mineral, and protein supplements in your stockpile to assure adequate nutrition.

So, as we increase the amounts of food we store on our shelves we need to consider some ways to store it. As you store the extra supplies be certain to:

  • Find an appropriate storage area. It should be cool, dry, and dark.
  • Open and close all the storage containers carefully, so that they can be fastened again securely after each use. That applies to food boxes, as well as cans.
  • Obviously, keep food covered at all times.
  • Wrap cookies, crackers, rice cakes…and other like items in plastic bags and keep them in tight containers.
  • Empty opened packages of sugar, dried fruit and nuts, etc. into screw-top jars or air-tight cans to keep out the pests.
  • Inspect any and all food before eating it.
  • Lastly, watch the storage supply. Use the foods before they spoil and replace disaster supplies as you use them, dating them with a marker. Do what the grocers do…put all the old items in the front and move the newer items to the back.

It isn’t difficult to store the extra supplies needed for an emergency cache, but like anything worthwhile, it takes time.

Take that time. Be prudent. Be ready. Be prepared. Drink safe water.