City of Cordova Announces South Harbor Reconstruction Contract Award

Dec 9, 2022Press Releases, South Harbor Rebuild Press Releases & Public Notices

City of Cordova
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Collin Bronson, Special Projects Director 

December 09, 2022

City of Cordova Announces South Harbor Reconstruction Contract Award

The City of Cordova has officially selected Turnagain Marine Construction of Anchorage as the “best value” bidder of choice for the South Harbor Reconstruction Project.  The project is currently in the design phase and scheduled to break ground on September 15, 2023 and run through April 15, 2024.  Substantial completion including all utilities will be on June 1st of 2024 and final completion on July 1st of 2024.  The project will completely remove and replace the entire existing South Harbor with new floats, docks, shoreline bulkhead, upgraded parking, drive-down float and services.  The cost of this project, which will be funded through various grants, bonds and loans has a price tag of $39,596,575. 

City manager Helen Howarth commented on the project: “We are excited to move into the next phase of the harbor project working with Turnagain Marine.  I want to thank the work City staff for the incredible worth they have put into this project as well as the continued support of the community, Mayor Allison, City Council and Harbor Commission.”

This project will completely replace the current southern portion of the harbor along Nicholoff Way and provide a modern design and materials that will benefit mariners and the community-at-large by improving efficient use of the port, emergency service access, upgraded potable water systems and more energy efficient power and electrical receptacles.

Critical to the project is the relocation of all vessels moored in the South Harbor during the construction period.  All vessels in the South Harbor will be required to relocate by 15 September 2023 so that construction teams can operate unimpeded and meet the timelines to have the new harbor operational at the start of the 2024 fishing season.

Vessel owners and operators are requested to find alternate parking/mooring space outside of the South Harbor.  The North Harbor will not be impacted by the construction project though additional space is limited.  SERVS vessels under contract in the core fleet will be allowed to move their vessel to the North Harbor to ensure continuity of response capabilities.

The City of Cordova will be communicating plans for possible vessel parking on City property as well as dry-docking opportunities at the Cordova shipyard.  Details will be forthcoming as the project develops.  Mariners currently in the South Harbor that will be relocating their vessels are encouraged to contact the Cordova Harbormaster so that vessel traffic needs can be anticipated, especially those needing shipyard dry docking or City-space trailer parking.

Ongoing Project details and updates can be found on the city website at: -rebuild/