EPA Lead Service Line Inventory: Public’s Help Needed!

Jul 3, 2024Public Notices

EPA Lead Service Line Inventory: Public’s Help Needed!


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is requiring that all public water service providers compile an inventory of the materials used in all water service lines to identify any lead service lines. This effort aims to either ensure there are no lead materials in the water system or to find out where lead may be located so that it can then be removed and replaced.

Homeowners and renters alike are being asked to self-assess the water service lines to their homes and submit the results online. The more people we can get to self-assess the water lines in their home, the more accurate and comprehensive our inventory will be.

Please visit the Lead-Safe Cordova webpage via the link below for clear instructions on performing your self-assessment and reporting the results. We ask that you complete this self-assessment and submit your results by the end of the day August 31st, 2024.

Thank you for your participation!

Click here to go to our Lead-Safe Cordova webpage
Here you will find easy step-by-step instructions for performing your self-assessment