Apr 4, 2024Press Releases

City of Cordova
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April 04, 2024

Cordova Residents Urged to Prevent Sewer Blockages and Avoid Costly Repairs

Disposing of items such as wet wipes, cleaning wipes, baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, paper towels, and tissues is leading to blockages in the city’s sewer pipes and drains. This is causing damage and requiring expensive repairs to our sewer system.

We would like to share a recent incident with you. At Whiskey Ridge Lift Station, our pumps have been repeatedly clogged with wipes, causing malfunctions and breakdowns. This has resulted in additional expenses and late-night callouts to address alarms and issues. We recently had to replace pumps and even the Variable Frequency Drive due to the strain caused by these non-flushable items and are now considering investing in a new pump for the Whiskey Ridge Lift Station to prevent further damage. This is just one example among numerous incidents and situations where non-flushable materials have led to expensive repairs and consumed employee time.

Our sewage systems and treatment facilities are not designed to handle wipes. With ongoing misuse and clogging, maintenance costs and damages escalate. Consequently, taxpayers and residents risk facing higher maintenance expenses and utility fees.

Taking simple steps like properly disposing of wipes and garbage in the trash can make a significant difference in reducing maintenance costs, minimizing personal utility charges, protecting our environment, and ensuring the smooth operation of our sewer system.

Thank you for being part of the solution to this problem and please, spread the word!

Please do not flush any of the following materials down your toilet:

  • Baby wipes and diapers;
  • Cleaning wipes (Wet Wipes, Clorox, etc.);
  • Cotton swabs and dental floss
  • Sanitary products (tampons, pads, etc.
  • Paper towels
  • Tissues
  • Q-tips
  • Dental Floss

**Remember that all wipes, despite being labeled as “flushable,” are non-flushable.**