Community Workshop About Eyak Lake Weir, July 19, 5:30PM

Jul 12, 2021Public Notices

Copper River Watershed Project and partners have observed the deterioration of the current weir structure at the outlet of Eyak Lake and are interested in being proactive in addressing this aging structure before it fails. Our primary objectives are to improve fish passage up and downstream of where the weir is located, while maintaining current water levels to protect important nearshore spawning sites for salmon. We are working with DOWL engineers to collect important site information and to prepare alternative structures for the community to consider. Once these preliminary investigations are complete, and a preferred concept identified, we will pursue funding in hopes of making this project a reality.

We want to hear from you! What do you know about the history of the weir, or changes to lake levels after the earthquake? Have you used the boat slot, and is this an important feature to maintain? Do you have any photos of the weir to share? Even if you don’t have information to share, but you are interested in learning more as this project progresses, submit your contact information via this survey and we will add you to our email list for project updates. Join us for an in-person discussion on Monday, July 19, 5:30, at Cordova Center in the Council Chambers, to talk with the engineers and learn about the alternatives we can consider for this site.

More information available here.