Harbor Float A & B Construction Impact

Jul 12, 2023Public Notices, South Harbor Rebuild Press Releases & Public Notices

The City of Cordova will be requiring all vessel owners in the North Harbor on Float A and the east side of Float B to remove their vessels no later than September 5th to make additional space for deep-draft commercial vessels during the harbor construction period of 15 September 2023 until 15 April 2024.

City will provide parking for boats on trailers at no cost to the owner.

The Harbormaster will be removing finger floats on A&B docks to allow additional spaces for those vessels engaged in commercial operations. Vessel owners receiving North Harbor slips will be notified based on the results of last Friday’s lottery (Results of Second Drawing for North Harbor and Shipyard Vessel Placement During South Harbor Construction Period – City of Cordova, Alaska). The exact number of vessels accommodated will be communicated as berths become available.

For questions please contact:
Special Projects Director, Collin Bronson at: cbronson@cityofcordova.net
Harbormaster’s office at 907-424-6279