Alaskex emergency response drill scheduled for March 5, 2024

Feb 26, 2024Public Notices

The City of Cordova Emergency Management team, in partnership with the State of Alaska Department of Homeland Security, has joined forces to organize a thorough emergency/disaster response exercise, Alaskex.

The Alaskex Regional Exercise will simulate and enhance emergency response in case of a natural disaster, focusing on a scenario involving the effects of a 1964 Earthquake and Tsunami. It is designed to evaluate the City of Cordova’s emergency response training, procedures, and processes across different response sectors in the community.

Various partner agencies will join in to enhance community engagement and learning. This exercise is set to take place locally on Tuesday, March 5th, with participation from other communities such as Kenai Peninsula Borough, Valdez, Anchorage, and Kodiak.

Events and activities included in the exercise:

  • The City of Cordova Police and Volunteer Fire Department will relocate to designated alternate sites.
  • The City of Cordova Incident Management will activate the Emergency Operations Center at the main or backup location.
  • The Cordova Community Medical Center and Illanka Health Clinic will set up alternate care centers using medical tents and clinic setups.
  • The Cordova Volunteer Fire Department will respond to simulated emergencies, aided by dispatch and patient transportation to alternate care centers.
  • The National Guard will conduct emergency flight operations, focusing on patient movement.
  • The Red Cross will assist in activating a local shelter at the Nazarene Church.
  • The Salvation Army, in partnership with the National Guard, will establish a distribution point for delivering goods to the community.
  • Additionally, the National Guard will deploy a Disaster Response Bed Down System, consisting of environmentally-sound tents for living arrangements during the exercise. This system would provide support in case of a real crisis, offering military housing or temporary community spaces.

Each part of the exercise is created to closely replicate real-life emergency response scenarios, with the goal of improving response preparedness and skills.

This exercise also serves as an opportunity to educate organizational members on response plans and community operations.

Public information ads and timeline updates will be shared with the community. Local businesses are encouraged to participate and practice their response plans if they wish to do so.

On March 5th, expect to hear a tsunami siren at some point during the day. Additionally, you might observe National Guard members in uniform carrying out different aspects of the drill. Please note that this is a simulation and not an actual emergency.

For any inquiries or if you’d, please contact Heather Brannon at:

Volunteers are still needed for the Alaskex regional exercise! Fill out the form below to participate.