2024 Budget, Fee Schedule, and Sales Tax Updates

Dec 22, 2023City Council, Public Notices

The City of Cordova 2024 operating budget and fee schedule were passed on December 20th, 2023 by resolution numbers: 12-23-34 and 12-23-35.

View the budget and fee schedule on the city website at: www.cityofcordova.net/document-central

The following ordinances to amend Cordova Municipal Code were passed on November 29th, 2023:

Ordinance 1212 amending Cordova Municipal Code section 5.40.030 to increase the cap on taxable sales and services from $3,000 to $5,000.

Ordinance 1210 amending Cordova Municipal code section 5.40.010 to increase the sales tax rate from 6% to 7% and revising language to clarify the scope and application of Cordova’s sales tax.
These ordinances can be viewed on the city website at: www.cityofcordova.net/ordinances