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Trickle Water to Avoid Frozen Pipes!!

Winter Freeze Reminder From Public Works

The Public Works, Water Division recommends community members keep in mind the value and benefits of trickling the water lines through January and February to prevent pipe freeze ups. 

Without several feet of snow cover as insulation and “warmth savers”, many of our private and public water lines can freeze up at this time of year.  A small, slow dripping at a cold-water faucet will help keep water moving a bit to prevent freezing.

Heating Fuel Tank Safety

Job Announcement



The HR Department is accepting applications for a Full-time

Harbor Maintenance I

Starting Pay Range: $17.99– 21.76 per hour, plus benefits, DOE

First Review of applicants: 1/29/2018

Applications & additional information available at City Hall


Refuse Division Updates

Once a week, a team of folks from the Refuse Division diligently swing by your home to pick up the trash you and your family have produced.  What happens to those bags of trash once they leave your driveway?  Where does our refuse go?  The Refuse facility on Whitshed Road is the first destination for trash.

Since 1998, the Refuse Division has baled our solid waste into tight cubes of garbage and hauled these bales by the truckload to the Landfill at 17 Mile.  This year, the 16-year-old conveyor belt that feeds the trash into the compactor has had a few issues that are impeding the Refuse Division from baling trash. 

In the first quarter of 2017, on the conveyor belt, several tie rods, links and wheel assemblies failed due to rust and corrosion. To fix the conveyor belt, it cost the Refuse Division approximately $19,000 and time down with the baler. In the second quarter of this year the conveyor belt failed again and has not been repaired because of the expense.

Since that time, the Refuse Division, led by Aaron Muma, has been hauling un-compacted trash to the 17 Mile landfill. As per state and local regulations, the loads are covered to keep trash from blowing out or escaping on the journey. Once the load reaches the landfill, the garbage is dumped and then immediately covered with crushed gravel that completely covers the loose materials.

Because the landfill is at 17 Mile and the expanse of the area makes it difficult and expensive to potentially fence, for many years there have been bears that frequent the landfill as they look for an easy meal.  People have questioned whether unbaled materials are attracting more bears, but the Refuse crew has not seen an increase in the number of bears over the past few years including this season. The bears got into baled materials as well.

It’s important for the public to remember the landfill is a secure area and not open to the public per city code. It is a dangerous place to walk around without guidance from the Refuse crew. Discussion on the Refuse Division’s conveyor belt repair and whether to bale or not bale the community’s trash may continue at future City Council meetings. 

Cordova Public Library Joins Alaska Reads

Alaska Reads is a biennial statewide reading program that features a selected publication by a living Alaskan author.  This year’s selection is Steam Laundry a novel in poetry form by Nicole Stellon O’Donnell.

Steam Laundry is a novel in poems based on the true story of Sarah Ellen Gibson, a miner’s wife during the Klondike and Alaska gold rushes. Her journey began as she followed her husband to Dawson City, Yukon Territory in 1898. She stayed there three years as the town’s boom and her marriage burned out. In 1903, she left her husband and sons to start over in Fairbanks, Alaska, with another man. Based on archival research and incorporating historical documents and photographs, the poems approach the past through the ghosts of correspondence.

The poems, written in the voices of Gibson, her family members, and the people who knew her, take on love, loss, failure, and desire. Some confront the drama of failed marriages, troubled family relationships, and alcoholism. Others spin the dramatic details of hunting accidents and subarctic survival into compelling stories in verse. They embody the opposing voices of an era during which men and women struggled in different, but overlapping, universes.

By staring at Gibson through the spectral lenses of the people around her, the documents she left behind, and the vision of a contemporary poet, the particulars of Gibson’s life are transformed into an exploration of the people history usually forgets. Steam Laundry offers the reader the chance to try on the dusty, mining-town overcoat of Gibson’s life.

The author, Nicole Stellon O’Donnell’s first collection, Steam Laundry, won the 2013 WILLA Literary Award for Poetry. Her next book, You Are No Longer in Trouble, a memoir-in-flash about being a teacher, a student, and a principal’s daughter is forthcoming in March 2019 from the Marie Alexander Series. Everything Never Comes Your Way, a collection of poems, will be published by Boreal Books in 2020.

Her poems have appeared in Prairie Schooner, Passages North, Bellingham Review, Beloit Poetry Journal, The Women’s Review of Books, Redivider, Zyzzyvaand other literary journals. Her essays and commentaries appeared in the AnchorageDaily News on the Alaska Public Radio Network. She received both an Individual Artist Award and an Artist Fellowship from the Rasmuson Foundation, as well as a Boochever Fellowship and an Alaska Literary Award from the Alaska Arts and Culture Foundation.  In 2014, she served the winter writer-in-residence at Denali National Park.  She spent the spring of 2016 in South India as a recipient of a Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching. She teaches English at a school for incarcerated youth. She lives in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Reading events and discussions of Steam Laundry are being organized now. If you are interested in participating in the program, it’s easy to do! The Cordova Public Library has many copies of Steam Laundry available for our patrons. You can pick one up now and then participate in our discussion with the author once it is scheduled.

Tsunami Information

Click HERE for Tsunami Inundation Maps of Cordova and Tatitlek, Alaska

Click HERE for Cordova Tsunami Evacuation Information


Do you need a ROW Permit?

A Reminder From the Public Works Department

Please remember that any work, excavation, construction, or use of City roads, streets, property, or Rights of Way

requires a City ROW Permit / Street Cut permit, which is available on the City website.

 Contact Bill Howard at Streets Division for more info. 

Need a Building Permit?

The City of Cordova Planning Department would like to remind everyone that a Building Permit is required for the erection, construction, establishment, moving, alteration, enlargement, repair, or conversion of ANY building or structure located within the City.

Building Permits are required in order to ensure that all projects adhere to zoning requirements, height requirements, setbacks, minimum lot size, and permitted uses which vary throughout the City.

If you have any questions, please contact the Planning Department at 424-6220, or visit click the LINK.

Refuse Division Reminds Patrons of Pick Up Days

Refuse Division Reminds Patrons of Pick-up Days

 The City of Cordova Refuse Division of Public Works is a hard-working team and just like the postal service are not letting, rain, snow, wind, or icy roads keep them from their rounds.
Residential garbage is collected weekly. Each residence is permitted three cans per week. City Code requires garbage should be bagged and tied and stored in clean, watertight, animal-proof containers with tight-fitting lids. Following is the Pick-Up Schedule:

First Street Cans, Businesses on First Street and Alley, Cans at Recycle Station
Residential Homes on First, Second, Third and Fourth Streets, Residential Homes on Davis avenue, Observation Avenue, Railroad Avenue, Council Avenue. Harbor Loop and Nicholoff Way, High School Area, and Ski Hill, Downtown Businesses and Alley
First Street Cans and Businesses, Alley behind Steen’s, Copper River Highway to 6 Mile, Whitshed Area
McGlaughlin Trailer Court, LeFevre Avenue, Spruce Street, Power Creek Road, Chase Avenue, Heney Trailer Court
First Street Cans and Businesses, Adams Street, Lake Avenue, Railroad Row/Boardwalk, Cedar Street, Birch Street, Alder Street

Commercial properties may utilize cans or dumpsters. Dumpsters are available in two sizes. Collection may be scheduled weekly. Contact City Hall to schedule pick-ups.

City Releases Cordova Center Video

The City is proud to unveil our Cordova Center Capital Campaign Video. Featuring some familiar faces and amazing "drone-based" video, it is a must-see! The video is available on the City's YouTube channel.

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