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Cordova Center

In the dreams of the community for over ten years, the Cordova Center project has been a massive undertaking for the City. Once completed, the multi-use facility will host the Cordova Public Library, the Cordova Historical Museum, municipal administrative offices, performance/theater spaces, and conference/meeting spaces capable of accommodating up to 200 attendees.

Phase I, the exterior construction, began in September of 2010 and concluded in October of 2012. Phase II began in mid-July this year and is set to conclude in mid-2015. Phase II includes the finishing of the interior spaces of the facility, the mechanical, plumbing and electrical work. Dawson Construction, Inc. has been retained as the contractor for Phase II. Nearly 80% of the funding for Phase II has been secured and the Capital Campaign - Get 'er Done - is underway to fulfill the final funding goals.

To see a model of the Cordova Center, stop by the current museum and library located in the Centennial Building on First Street.

On Track for 2015 Completion!

On July 17, 2014, the city issued a Notice to Proceed to Dawson Construction for the first stage of the final phase. In light of positive City Council action and fundraising progress, City Manager Randy Robertson is firmly convinced that the project will be completed by the summer of 2015.

City  Council unanimously approved the Phase II budget at the July 16th Regular Meeting, sending a strong message to staff to move forward. With recent addition of a Professional Engineer to the city staff, Mr. Rich Rogers, combined with the Cordova Center Committee’s formulation of a Capital Campaign, and the Phase II Contractor – Dawson Construction – on board, Cordovans can expect to see renewed site activity within the next few months.  

Cordova’s State Delegates, Representative Alan Austerman and Senator Gary Stevens, really came through for Cordova this session. $4 million was appropriated by the state to the city of Cordova for the Cordova Center. This is a huge boost to the final push to completion, and the Capital Campaign can focus on the final $3 million needed to finish the project. It’s been a long time coming, but now the dream is within reach.

Since 2002, $22.5 million has been secured for the $25.5 million project budget. Now, the Phase II Capital Campaign focuses on foundation and corporate funding sources, and a renewed emphasis on individual donors investing in the community dream. Community members will start quietly closing the gap and in September, kick off the final push to the goal.

For the full press release, click here.

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